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Our Services

New Equipment for

  • Petrol/chemical fluid transportation and storage including vapors recovery for rail, truck, naval systems
  • New reciprocating compressors
  • New steam turbine up to 75 MW
  • New air compressors twin screw or rotary vane
  • Co2 recovery equipment for flue gas(suitable and dedicated for green
  • emissions of refineries ,petrochemical ,power plants, fertilizers)
  • Co2 recovery and storage for beverage industry
  • Gas storage including oxygen & Complete plant of any kind
  • Reduction and prevention of limescale and carbonate cake in water pipe and heat exchangers
  • High tech of deformable tungsten carbide coating and other various materials for new and recon parts including complete and precise machining for airspace, oil and gas, power and many others
  • Special composite materials for wear rings sleeve bearings and compressors
  • wear parts including the engineering details for conversion to this materials and installation-mounting machining
  • Deep well water pumping solution including special lay flat high pressure discharge pipe
  • Various sealing parts in a large domain of configurations of size, materials
  • Engineering and equipment for process gas modernization, gas separation, condensate and contaminant reduction, modernization of gas burning ,modernization of biological water treatment and others.
  • New spare parts based on customer's drawings or model for centrifugal compressor rotor assy, steam turbine rotor assy, pump rotor assy, piston rods, liners, compressor cylinders and others.
We sell reliability to our customers. Any short time and failure in operation of customers equipment is an opportunity for us to make the equipment many times reliable safe and available for log time, no service, continuous operation.

Repair of Turbine Auxiliaries

To arrange repair of gas turbine / steam turbine plant auxiliaries, as under:

  • Repair of High pressure/High Temperature, feed water pumps
  • Repair of Vacuum pumps
  • Repair of high-pressure control valves
  • Repair/Replacement of flexible joint between gas turbine exhaust and HRSG
  • Rotary / Axial compressors for fertilizer producing plants

Restore and Extend the Life of Your Pump

The Pump Improvement Program is yet another innovative development incorporating our integrated solutions approach to improving our customer’s assets. It marries several concepts and disciplines such, thermometric pump testing – the most accurate method of determining if a pump is operating at its Best Efficiency Point (BEP). The use of advanced surface coatings which eliminate corrosion and erosion issues and provides a low friction surface that yields efficiency benefits and saves energy and therefore cost to our customers. As if that was not enough, we can install Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) which further enhance the effective management of pumping systems from both an operational and financial perspective. All of this is designed with our customers business in mind, to improve your profitability by reducing operating costs.

Crankshaft Repair

Whatever your large industrial engine, and wherever it‘s located, our orbital crankpin machines and other specialised equipment mean we can do rapid, precision crankshaft and crankpin repairs. These include machine-crankshaft main-bearing journals on the same crankshafts in situ, on site, in dry dock or even during normal operations.

Cast Iron Repairs

Our cast iron repairs are carried out by peening into prepared apertures, layers of Keys. The Keys are formed into a multi-dumbell shape from special nickel alloys. Being highly ductile they can be peened into a metal-to-metal condition and become almost integral with the parent metal of the component under repair. These Keys are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit each individual job. The high strength of the Keys ensures the return of a high percentage of the original strength.

Process Advantages

Cast iron repairs carried out by this method avoid introducing any heat stresses, so no distortion occurs and in many instances machining is unnecessary. It is invaluable in emergency situations, reduces downtime and avoids the replacement of expensive castings. In the Marine Industry alone, many millions of pounds have been saved for ship owners by reducing time lost due to breakdowns. It has become commonplace for major items of capital plant and equipment to be saved by our prompt action following a catastrophic breakdown and for the equipment to then go on to give many more years of productive life.

Marine Propeller Hub Repair

As an experienced marine shipping company operator, you know the effect of damaged propellers, especially propeller cavitation damage, on vessels’ performance. At worst, there’s the cost and inconvenience of premature propeller loss and emergency repairs while your vessel stands idle with a worn shaft or propeller hub…

A wide range of marine propeller repair work

Although we leave full propeller repair to the prop manufacturer, we regularly help with recovery of worn propulsion components. Here’s some of the marine propeller hub repair work that we do with in-line boring, metal spraying, orbital machining, in situ machining and other specialized techniques:
  1. Cavitation damage repair

  2. Propeller shaft repairs

  3. Line boring of stern tubes

  4. Recovery of A-frames

  5. In situ refurbishment of worn propeller-hub bores

  6. Polishing of pressure and suction faces and leading edges

  7. Maltreatment damage repair

  8. Complementing our other engineering services

Whether for fixed or variable pitch propulsion, marine propeller hub repair complements our other marine and offshore engineering services. Over decades, we’ve built a reputation for helping marine operators like you around the clock and the globe.
Perhaps you’ve identified early signs of cavitation damage to propeller hubs? Or the ravages of time and cavitation have done their worst to a prop-shaft diameter? When cavitation damage has occurred, we can pre-machine the worn area, metal spray to rebuild it, and then re-machine it back to its original dimension.

Provide Engineering Services

  • To arrange for reverse engineering for the parts of obsolete equipment.
  • Repair of Turbine Rotors and special pumps from authorized workshops aboard.
  • Repair of Mechanical Seals any Make, – with Warranty.

Plant design

Our plant engineering capability resides in Descon Integrated Projects Ltd. (DIPL) previously known as JGC-Descon. It is a full-fledged office with a capacity of one million man-hours per year. It can undertake the design of:
• Refining units • Gas processing plants • Chemical plants • Fertilizer complexes • CO2 recovery units • Off-sites & utilities • Tank farms • Power plants
The specific activities span:

Process Design

• The process design group can execute a wide range of basic and detailed engineering activities.

Basic Engineering

• Process Simulation • Heat and Material balance • Process Flow diagrams (PFDs) • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&lDs) • Utility and Effluent summary • Hydraulic calculations • Heat Exchangers thermal design and rating • Equipment sizing • Process data sheets • Cause and Effect diagrams

Detailed Engineering

• P&lDs (AFD to AFC) • Utility Distribution diagrams • Fire Protection systems • Pressure Relieving, Flaring and Depressurizing calculations • Operations Manuals • As-built drawings

Piping Design

• Plot plans • Conceptual Piping studies and layouts • Piping plans • Isometrics • Project specifications / procedures • Bill of Materials / Bill of Quantities • Pipeline design

Mechanical Design

• Stationary equipment • Rotary equipment specification • Storage tanks and silos